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Rack FR70 is specially designed for termination and administration of many fibers. This lightweight rack is produced in aluminium and has 19” profiles that allows flexible height adjustment when installing an ODF. A vertical cord guide for routing and storing of excess patch cords is integrated in the frame. The rack is standard delivered as 1 to 6 sections and is mounted directly to the wall (a self supported solution is also offered).

The rack may be used as a pure fibre rack or as a combined fibre- and electronics rack. This system is common within the fiber to the home market (FTTH). Because of the aluminium the rack is reasonable lightweight, from 13 kg (1-section 2200 mm frame). 

It is delivered flat packed and splited in several packages, so that one man can easily carry and mount the rack alone.


• With integrated vertical cord guide(s) for simple and effective administration of patch cords.

• Suited for installing all FOSS panels/ODF’s.

• Standard sizes: 1- to 6-section racks.

• Available as wall mounted frame and self supported rack.

• Available with outer vertical cord guides.

• Custom sizes available on demand.

• ETSI variant available on demand.


This compact distributor simplifies this function and offers a quick, secure and flexible solution.

Enables easy adjustment of the rack to adapt to uneven floors.

Click-in mount onto the vertical cord guide’s side grooves,keeping cords in securely in their place..

A click-in mount to the post beside the ODF to avoid tight bends on patch cords.

Guides patch cords between sections that are located apart from each other.