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Nickel plated connectors for use in explosive atmosphere (ATEX) according to EN 60079-28:2005. The Hawke connector may be delivered as connector plug, connector receptacle or bulkhead receptacle. A protective cover is included on all variants. 

The connector plug and receptacle may be delivered with a specified length of cable. You may have the Hawke connector in one or both ends. If Hawke is used only in one end the other end may be ordered with a specified length of break-out cable fitted with standard connectors (SC, LC, etc.).

The bulkhead receptacle is for mounting in panels/cabinets and is available with patch cords with standard connectors (SC, LC, etc.) in the other end.

The receptacle part has an embedded adapter (socket), making this the "female" part when connecting to the "male" connector plug (pin).

  • Fibre Ex ATEX connector

  • 4 or 8 fibres in each connector.

  • Single mode or multi mode.

  • Cable delivered in customer specified lengths.

  • Compliant with EN 60079-28:2005

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4-fiber, Hawke Bulkhead, Soc, LC, OM1, 1m

4-fiber Hawke bulkhead to ST terminated on 62,5/OM1 MM fiber cable, 1 m

4-fiber, Hawke Connector, Pin, OM1, AICI, 10m

4-fiber Hawke connector to 4-fiber Hawke connector, terminated on AICI 62,5/OM1 MM fiber cable, 10 m

8-fiber, Hawke Bulkhead, Soc, ST, OM1, 1m

8-fiber Hawke bulkhead to ST terminated on 62,5/OM1 MM fiber cable, 1 m

8-fiber, Hawke Connector, Pin, OM1, QFCI, 10m

8-fiber Hawke connector to 8-fiber Hawke connector, terminated on QFCI 62,5/OM1 MM fiber cable, 10 m