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Data-Pixel measurement and inspection equipment

Leader in test and measurement equipment for the fiber optic industry.

DATA-PIXEL optical connector interferometers exceed expectations with regards to both price and performance. Their systems as described below is well recognised throughout the industry.

  • DAISI-v2 – 3DScopeV range of interferometers for single-fibre connectors, – PC and APC measurement and measurement of radius, apex offset, fibre height & more.
  • Daisi MT – ultimate production interferometer for Multi-fibre (and Single fibre) ferrule end-face geometry measurements.
  • Koncentrik v2 concentricity measurement tool for both ferrule and connector with automatic measurement and re-positioning functionality, modular measurement system and repeatable measurement accuracy.
  • DScope – blink software High quality microscopes with x4, x10 and x2o magnification, true Koehler optical design, with adaptors for all PC & APC, SF & MF connectors and suitable for portable and bench top usage.

3dScope-V2 / DAISI v2 / Daisi -MT v3 /


Connector / Ferrule / Farfield


Dscope / Long working distance PM Aligner


Automated inspection / PM alignment

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