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FPD66 is a compact wall box for DIN rail and wall mounting of fiber optic cables. Despite the modest dimensions of the box, the fiberoptic bending radius and the installers ability to do work in the box, is taken care of. The box has a round cable entry and two slots for MPO adapters on each side. It can be delivered with pre-mounted adapters, adapters and pigtails, or fully mounted with AXAI, QXXI or micro fiber optic cables.
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Fiber optic cables are immune to electromagnetic noise and have high transmission capacity. This makes fiber optics the natural solution for modern and robust communication. The Hawke connector combines the strength of market leading connection range with the latest in Ex Fiber Optic specifications. It is designed to meet the latest BS EN 60079- 28:2015 standard for protection of equipment using fibre optics in explosive atmospheres.
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In demanding environments, completely different requirements are imposed on fiber optic contacts than ordinary equipment can supply. We create complete solutions for demanding conditions in defense and industry, based on fiber optic field cables.
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Optical connectors used for military applications

Termini size 16, are designed for use in D38999 Series III circular connectors. Ferrules have the diameter of 1,6mm.

M29504/04 covers the PIN termini and M29504/5 covers the socket termini.

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