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The ODF - Optical Distribution Frame, is a vital part of a fibreoptic network. FOSS offers several different panel solutions, designed to comply with the diverse needs of todays fibre installers.

Foss fibre optics has since 1984, developed and delivered ODF systems. We have developed MPO products for LAN based on single mode, OM3 and OM4 multimodal quality. We provide complete systems for fibre termination as well as protection and management of cable and optical patch cords. With Foss ODF systems you will get a auality solutions for fastening, feeding and storing the length of incoming cable and a effective system for termination, protection and management of fibre and optical contacts. And together with Rack FR70 you will get a complete system.



FP PRO series is made for Telecom and LAN and consist of panels in 1U, 1,5U or 2U sizes. They are sold empty, with adapters, with adapters and pig tails or with pre-terminated cable. We have all current connectors and deliver customised cable lengths. 1U panel is available in either black or white.


FPM series ensures flexibility in the form of modular patch panels. The modules slides in to either a 1U or 3U frame, depending on the total number of connections needed.

You can order panel with pre-mounted pigtailsadaptersand with cables.



Storage unit, used for storing excess lengths of patch cords. The storage unit is mounted under panel type FP70 and FP80. There is 24 spaces for storing up to ca. 5 m patch cord and it can be mounted in 19" and metrical racks/cabinets.


Cable guides for horizontal transversing of patch cords, here there are several types to choose from.

Protection covers for preventing accidental snagging.

Installation sets for splicing pigtails to cable with tight buffer. May also be used for splicing with cable with loose tube.  


Different blind plugs for use in the panels.