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The TrueNet® Fibre Optic Wall Outlet from ADC KRONE is used to terminate horizontal fibre cable at the work station in Fibre To The Desk applications (FTTd). Formed from a polycarbonate material, the wall outlet is assembled as two light-weight and robust mouldings. The base moulding can be fixed into a standard (BS4660) double gang back box to secure the whole assembly. The front, or user facing moulding is able to drop down giving the installer access to work on the spooling, routing or splicing of up to eight secondary buffered fibre cables. The design has many diverse routes through the wall outlet for storing excess fibre whilst managing bend radii through the hinge and onto the point of presentation for the user. This wall outlet is suited to deployment using direct, or spliced pigtail terminations. Positions for ‘clip-on’ heat shrink splice holders are included.

CommScope FTH Wall box for fibre. This is normally used as termination point for incoming subscriber cables and is placed near the home central delivered by the broadband supplier.

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