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Our supplier OCC (Optical Cable Corporation) was established in 1983 and has continuously improved and developed its product portfolio. OCC is today one of the world's largest and most recognized manufacturers of field cable. Production takes place in Roanoke, USA.

Tactical cable from OCC is an extremely robust and flexible cable. The cable is used both by the military, in oil and gas and aquaculture. It is especially suitable for temporary installations. The tactical cable combines features such as low weight and high mechanical strength. The flexible outer sheath makes the cable easy to roll in and out, even in the cold. The cable can withstand temporary exposure to oil and other chemicals.

D-series is cable with fixed cladding. Variants of this are in stock. This is our standard tactical cable and is used for TE ProBeam and Senko IP-LC connectors. The B-series is break-out cable. The fibers under the outer sheath have a diameter of 2mm. This cable is typically used for pre-determined break-out solutions where a large and bulky manifold is undesirable at the same time.

In our factory, we assemble the cables with terminated connectors according to the customer's needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss solutions.

Other cable types from OCC are also available. It includes hybrid fiber / copper cables.

We have cable and connectors in stock!