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Probeam lens contacts (expanded beam) are an extremely robust fiber connector. The connector is insensitive to dust and dirt and easy to clean. Connecting/disconnecting can be done by untrained personnel. It is used by the defense, on ships and various offshore installations, industrial land-based solutions and broadcasting.

The system consists of a tactical cable with a plug at both ends. The plugs are hermaphroditic so that multiple cables can be daisy chained. The plugs are typically connected to bulkhead connectors, which transition to standard fiber connectors inside the cabinet. Probeam is normally utilized for temporary communications.

ProBeam Jr. is the registered name of Expanded Beam connector from TE Connectivity. ProBeam Jr. was the first connector which achieved qualification to U.S. government standard MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21 and NATO Standard VG 95319-100 and -101.

This connector is fully intermateable with other connectors produced according this MIL standards (for example HMA or TACBeam)