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The IP-series is based on standard LC or MPO connectors from Senko. The connector housing ensures mechanical protection while at the same time protecting against exposed weather conditions. Protection class is IP68.

A typical system consists of field cable with a plug at both ends, adapter for mounting in chassis and standard cords on the inside of the cabinet, for connection to electronics or other networks.

Field cable with plugs can also be connected togetherby using the inline adapter. If this is done with IP-MPO, one side must be equipped with control pins.

The IP series is typically used for temporary connections, for example between containers. It is also used for more durable connections where splicing is unsuitable, for example in antenna masts.

IP-LC have 2 fibres and IP-MPO have 12 fibres. Both may be delivered as single- or multimode.

Associated adapters exists for panel mounting (bulkhead) and direct connection (inline). When connecting MPO connectors one side must be male and the other female.

Tactical cable is normally used with the IP-series. This is a robust and flexible cable. It can handle large variation in temperature, -40°C to +70°C. Together with the Foss cable reel, this becomes a very good solution for temporary connections.

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  • LC- (2-fibre) or MPO- (12-fibre) connector with IP68 protection
  • A 24-fibre MPO may be provided on request
  • For exposed weather conditions
  • For environments with chemicals, corrosive-gasses and -liquids
  • For fixed and temporary connections
  • ODVA compatible