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12-fiber IP-MPOAM- IP-MPOAM OS2, 150 m, A

Tactical cable single mode 12-fibre IP-MPOAM- IP-MPOAM connectors with IP68 protection.

12-fibre IP-MPO(M) - IP-MPO(M), 50/OM3

Tactical cable multimode OM3 12-fibre IP-MPO (male) - IP-MPO (male) connectors with IP68 protection.

12-fibre IP-MPO/A(M) - IP-MPO/A(M), 9/OS2

12-fibre IP-MPO (male) - IP-MPO (male), 9/OS2 SM fibre, polarity A

2-fibre IP-LC w/dustcap, 50/OM2

2-fibre IP-LC - IP-LC, 50/OM2 MM fibre

2-fibre IP-LC w/dustcap, 62.5/OM1

2-fibre IP-LC - IP-LC, 62.5/OM1 MM fibre

2-fibre IP-LC/PC w/dustcap, 9/OS2

2-fibre IP-LC - IP-LC, 9/OS2 SM fibre

Adapter, IP-LC, bulkhead, SM, with dustcap

Bulkhead adapter for IP-LC connectors

  • LC- (2-fibre) or MPO- (12-fibre) connector with IP68 protection
  • A 24-fibre MPO may be provided on request
  • For exposed weather conditions
  • For environments with chemicals, corrosive-gasses and -liquids
  • For fixed and temporary connections
  • ODVA compatible