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12-fibre IP-MPO/A(M) - IP-MPO/A(M), 9/OS2


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12-fibre IP-MPO (male) - IP-MPO (male), 9/OS2 SM fibre, polarity A

Variant: 12-fiber IP-MPOAM-IP-MPOAM OS2, 10 m, A Nummer: MIM-912MILOS2-MIM-010-A Length 10 m
Variant: 12-fiber IP-MPOAM- IP-MPOAM OS2, 25 m, A Nummer: MIM-912MILOS2-MIM-025-A Length 25 m
Variant: 12-fiber IP-MPOAM- IP-MPOAM OS2, 50 m, A Nummer: MIM-912MILOS2-MIM-050-A Length 50 m
Variant: 12-fiber IP-MPOAM- IP-MPOAM OS2, 100 m, A Nummer: MIM-912MILOS2-MIM-100-A Length 100 m

Tactical cable (single mode 12-fibre) with MPO-connectors with IP68 protection.

  • For exposed weather conditions.
  • For environments with chemicals, corrosive-gasses and -liquids.
  • For fixed and temporary connections.

This industrial version of these connectors are part of the following system:  

  • A specified length of tactical cable with a plug in both ends. The plugs are delivered with dust caps.
  • 2 adapters for panel installation, delivered with dust cap.  


Material connector: UV-stabilised, Flame Retardant (FR) plastic

Colour: Black

Protection rating: IP68

Operating temperature:  -40 °C to 70 °C  

      Single mode 9/125 OS2 according to ITU-T G.652.D  
      Multi mode 50/125 OM-3 according to EN 50173-1  
      Multi mode 50/125 OM-2 according to EN 50173-1  
      Multi mode 62.5/125 OM-1 according to EN 50173-1  

Insertion loss:  
      < 0.5 dB at 1310/1550 nm (single mode)  
      < 0.5 dB at 850/1300 nm (multi mode)

Return loss:
      < -45 dB at 1310/1550 nm (single mode)  
      < -60 dB at 1310/1550 nm (single mode APC)

Cable type:  Tactical cable with polyurethane outer jacket. Good durability and resistant to chemicals

Diameter:  5.0/7.0 mm LC/MPO

Tension at installation:  1800/1500 N  LC/MPO

Crush resistance: 440/300 N/cm LC/MPO

Min. bend diameter: 40/70 mm LC/MPO