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4-channel PBJR connector-SC/PC, AXAI, 9/OS2

TE Connectivity
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Singlemode Probeam Jr. 4 channel bulkhead. Jam nut D hole mounting.

Variant Product Number Length Stock Price
Variant: 4-channel PBJR connector-SC/PC, AXAI, 9/OS2, 1 m Nummer: 4-2x699251-7-001 Length 1 m
Variant: 4-channel PBJR channel-SC/PC, AXAI, 9/OS2, 3 m Nummer: 4-2x699251-7-003 Length 3 m
Variant: 4-channel PBJR connector-SC/PC, AXAI, 9/OS2, 5 m Nummer: 4-2x699251-7-005 Length 5 m

ProBeam Jr. ruggedized connectors for optical communication in rough environments within defense and industry.

  • For establishing temporary communications in the field
  • For communications within industry, ships and offshore with open outdoor connector points
  • 4 fibre
  • Delivered as single mode 9/125, multi-mode 50/125 and multi-mode 62.5/125 µm
  • Is delivered with SC connector in the other end for internal cabling

A ProBeam system normally consists of a given length of tactical cable with ProBeam jr. plugs in both ends. This is connected to the ProBeam Jr. bulkhead connector which normally is mounted on a wall. The other end of the panel connectors comes with a length of data cable with a standard data connector like SC for the internal cabling.


Insertion loss (typical against reference):
      2 and 4 channel multimode at 850/1300 nm            < 1.5 dB (typical 0.7 dB)  
      2 and 4 channel single mode at 1310/1550 nm       < 1.5 dB (typical 0.8 dB)  
      8 channel multimode at 850/1300 nm                      < 2.0 dB (typical 0.7 dB)  
      8 channel single mode at 1310/1550 nm                 < 2.0 dB (typical 0.8 dB)  

Reflection loss (typical against reference):
      Single mode                                                            - 34 dB at 1310/1550 nm  


      ProBeam Jr/Sr plug                               125/290 g  
      ProBeam Jr/Sr bulkhead connector       100/150 g

Operational temperature  
      In use        -40 oC to +85 oC  
      Storage     -55 oC to +85 oC

Free fall 1.2 m on concrete  500 drops

Coupling endurance   3000

Immersion in water  
      Jr. plug/bulkhead        15/15 m depth  
      Sr. plug/bulkhead        5/2 m depth  

ProBeam plug and bulkhead connector is delivered standard in anodised aluminium with boot and grip in EPDM-rubber. The connectors may also be delivered in NiAlBr for high saline environment.  


Fibre type:
      Single mode 9/125 µm        OS2 (ITU-T G.652.D)  
      Multi mode 50/125 µm        OM3  
      Multi mode 50/125 µm        OM2  
      Multi mode 62.5/125 µm     OM1

      Material  (standard)                        Polyurethane  
      Material (option)                             LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen Polyurethane)  
      Outer diameter                               5.5 mm  
      Tension strength at installation      1800 N  
      Crush resistance                            440 N/cm

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