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G2-50/OM3 Ultra-Fox Plus, Fiber optic tactical cable, Tactical PUR

OCC Optical Cable Corporation
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Ground tactical cables for use in harsh environments where deployment and retrieval for reuse is required. The fiber optic field cable is suitable for use in the industrial, offshore and aquaculture sectors. OCC field cable, D-series, Fiber type 50/125 OM3.

  • OCC field cable, D-series.
  • Fiber type: 50/125. OM3.
  • Can be deployed in all types of terrain for establishing temporary communications.
  • Suitable for applications in industrial, offshore, and aquaculture sectors.
  • Very strong, flexible, and lightweight.
  • Halogen-free and low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) polyurethane outer jacket for durability and chemical resistance.

Used in our communication solutions with ProBeam field connectors.

Fiber type Multimode OM3

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