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8-fiber, Hawke Connector, Pin, OM1, QFCI, 10m

SKU: CPP8-694144-CPP8-010

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Connector sertified for use in areas with fire or explosion hazards (Ex). 8-fiber Hawke connector to 8-fiber Hawke connector, terminated on QFCI 62,5/OM1 MM fiber cable, 10 m

QFCI cable terminated with Hawke connectors in each end. The connectors are nickle plated and designed to operate in demanding harsh environments. They are sertified for use in areas with fire or explosion hazards (Ex) and are OP PR, which means that they create a mechanical protection of the signals.

  • IP66/67
  • Operating temperature -40°C til + 60°C
  • EN 60079-28:2005 (ATEX)
  • Insertion loss <0,5 dB ved 850/1300 nm (multi mode)
  • 500 connections
  • Ferrule: 1,6 mm ceramic
  • Easy to clean

Pin and socket
The fibre pin and socket termini utilizes:  

  • Precision fiber optic ceramic ferrules  
  • Precision “press fit” stainless steel design  
  • Accurate ferrule alignment system  
  • Solid reliable connectivity through a wide range of harsh environmental conditions  
  • Reliable, repeatable and durable connections  
  • Easy to clean


Ferrule type:  1.6 mm, ceramic

Insertion loss:  < 0.5 dB at 1310/1550 nm (single mode)  < 0.5 dB at 850/1300 nm (multi mode)

Return loss: < -45 dB at 1310/1550 nm (single mode)  

Material:  Nickel plated  (Stainless steel may be delivered on request)

Mating Durability:  500 cycles

Ingress Protection:  IP66/67

Temperature Range:  -40°C to + 60°C T  

T Ratings at different power:  T6 + 60

      Ex II 2GD Ex op pr IIC T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db (Tamb 0 -40°C to +60°C) IP66/67  
      Ex [dbe] op pr IIC T6 Gb - for bulkhead/box mount version  
      Ex [op is] IIC T* Ga - with separately certified ‘op is’ source