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Flexi Rack for 19'' or ETSI

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Rack for front mounted equipment with retracted installation. Provides 15 cm extra space in front, to protect patch cords. Made by lightweight aluminum porfiles for easy handling and installations.

Variant Product Number Height Stock Price
Variant: Flexi Rack 19"/ETSI, B800xH2200xD400, self sup Nummer: MP354 Height 220 cm
Variant: Flexi Rack 19"/ETSI, B800xH2740xD400, self sup Nummer: MP355 Height 274 cm
Variant: Flexi Rack 19"/ETSI, B800xH2200xD600, self sup Nummer: MP352 Height 220 cm
Variant: Flexi Rack 19"/ETSI, B800xH2740xD600, self sup Nummer: MP353 Height 274 cm

The Flexi Rack series is available in 19" design in standard heights 1800, 2000 and 2200 mm. Other widths and heights, as well as ETSI section width, can be supplied on request. The Flexi Rack series can also be supplied with side organizers for optimal fiber patch routing. The racks series offer high termination capacity.

This racks is designed so that the front plate of the equipment is mounted 15 cm offset from front line of the rack. This to protect front mounted connectors.

The installer can choose between ETSI or 19" version during installation (all components are included).

These racks are only for front mounting of the equipment. If you need to set up several racks, they can be mounted back to back.

  • For floor-mounting
  • Equipment can be mounted in front of the rack
  • Extra 19 '' profiles to avoid front mounting
  • Aluminum frames
  • 2 cable trays with 161 mm width is included
  • Width: 1 section, 800 mm
  • Accessories available: cable trays, guide bars etc.

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