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Panel FP75 PRO, ST, adapter, MM


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Variant: Panel FP75 PRO, 8 ST, adapter, MM Nummer: FP75-8ST-A Number of fibres 8
Variant: Panel FP75 PRO, 12 ST, adapter, MM Nummer: FP75-12ST-A Number of fibres 12
Variant: Panel FP75 PRO, 24 ST, adapter, MM Nummer: FP75-24ST-A Number of fibres 24

Patch panel in the FP75 PRO series. The panel comes fitted with pre-mounted adapters and an installation kit for mounting of pigtails or pre-terminated cable. Total capacity is 24 ST adapters (48 fibres). Adapter holes that are not in use are fitted with blind plugs.

  • Multimode, OM-1 and OM-2
  • Installation kit (FP75400) is included
  • Can be mounted in 19" and metric cabinets/racks

Always use the correct accessories for the patch panel. This will ensure good communication and simplify operation and maintenance.

See datasheet for available accessories

Size 1.5U
Fiber type Multimode OM1/OM2
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