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Fiber optic Cable guide, 0.5U

SKU: FP70301
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Cable guide for easy patch cord guiding used with fiber optic panel. 0.5U white painted aluminum

The cable guide is used together with panel type FP60 PRO and FP70 PRO for leading patch cords to the side of the cabinet. Can be mounted directly on the FP60-panels so that the total height of the panel and the cable guide becomes 1U. When used with FP70 panels it is mounted below the panel so the total height becomes 2U.

  • Simple bundling of patch cords with Velcro straps (included)
  • Can be mounted in 19" and metrical racks/cabinets
  • 0.5U
  • White painted aluminum RAL9010
Panel og stativ
Size 0.5U

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