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Panel FP65 PRO, 96 LC/PC, 9/OS2, QXXI

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Fiber patch Panel 1U with pre-terminated fiber optic cable type QXXI and 96 LC/PC adapters. Can be mounted in 19" and metric cabinets/racks for compact cabling in data rooms.

Variant Product Number Length Stock Price
Variant: Patch Panel 1U, 96 LC/PC, SM, 10m fiber optic cable QXXI Nummer: FPQ65-96SLC-010 Length 10 m
Variant: Patch Panel 1U, 96 LC/PC, SM, 30m fiber optic cable QXXI Nummer: FPQ65-96SLC-030 Length 30 m
Variant: Patch Panel 1U, 96 LC/PC, SM, 50m fiber optic cable QXXI Nummer: FPQ65-96SLC-050 Length 50 m

The panel is delivered with a length of pre-terminated cable that is spliced to the incoming cable at another location.

  • Height: 1U
  • For more information about the cable type read here
  • Fibre type: single mode 
  • Adapter holes that are not used have blind plugs
  • Can be mounted in 19" and metric cabinets/racks

Always use the correct accessories for the patch panel. This will ensure good communications and simplify operations and maintenance. See datasheet for available accessories.


Materials: Aluminium  White, RAL9010 or black, RAL9011

Dimensions: 44 x 484 (19”) x 240 mm (H x W x D) May be converted to metrical

Weight: 1.2 kg  

Capacity (no. of connectors):  96 LC 144 when using special front  48 SC  24 FC, ST  

The Panel is part of the FP PRO series and is delivered in white or black painted aluminium. There is room for 96 LC connectors on the front. For special needs a front with room for 144 LC connectors may be delivered. The panel is delivered with an integrated installation set that will simplify installation and ensure that all requirements for bend diameters are adhered to.  

The accessories for the FP60 shall secure the installation and give good fibre and cable administration. A 1U cable guide may be placed under the panel to guide the patch cords to the side of the rack. When saving space is important a 0.5U cable guide may be mounted directly on the panel, making the total height 1U. Label covers and acrylic covers for protection are also available. 

Panel og stativ
Size 1U
Fiber type Single mode
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