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Module FPM76, 12 LC/PC, 9/125, AXAI


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Variant: Module, 12 LC/PC, SM, AXAI, 10 m Nummer: FPM76-12SLC-010 Length 10 m
Variant: Module, 12 LC/PC, SM, AXAI, 20 m Nummer: FPM76-12SLC-020 Length 20 m
Variant: Module, 12 LC/PC, SM, AXAI, 30 m Nummer: FPM76-12SLC-030 Length 30 m
Variant: Modul FPM76, 12 LC/PC, 9/125, AXAI, 50 m Nummer: FPM76-12SLC-050 Length 50 m

Module w/cable, AXAI, 9/125, LC

Module with factory mounted pre-terminated cable, type AXAI. Can also be delivered with Micro cable

The module should be mounted in a 1U or 3U panel. There is room for 12 modules in the 3U panel and 3 modules in the 1U panel. Various modules can be placed in random order in the patch panels. This ensures a flexible and modular construction that can easily be extended with more modules.

  • Connector type: LC/PC
  • Cable type: AXAI, tight buffer, fire retardant and halogen free
  • Fibre type: Single mode according to ITU-T G657.A1
  • High quality factory mounted connectors
  • Plug-in module for 1U or 3U panel
  • Can be mounted in 19" cabinet/rack

See also under FP70 PRO for information about alternative panels

Fiber type Singlemode AXAI
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