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Fiber Optic Cassette with 12 fiber LC/APC adapter, 30m cable QXXI Compact

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Fiber optic Module panel with factory-installed pre-terminated cable. The series includes pluggable modules mounted in a 1U or 3U frame. This gives a flexible solution that easily may be expanded as needed.

Module with factory-installed pre-terminated cable type AXAI. Can also be supplied with micro cable.

The module must be installed in a 1U or 3U panel. The 3U panel can accommodate up to 12 modules, while the 1U panel can accommodate 3 modules. Different modules can be placed in any order in the panels. This provides a flexible and modular structure with easy expansion options using additional modules.

  • Connector type: LC
  • High-quality factory-installed connectors
  • Plug-in module for 1U or 3U panel
  • The panel can be mounted in a 19" cabinet/rack

The module is delivered with a front for 6 LC Quad adapters that gives a capacity of 24 LC-connectors. The modules are plugged into a 1U frame (3 modules) or a 3U frame (12 modules). If the frame is not fully populated with modules, the rest of the slots may be covered by blanking plates.  

The modules may contain adapters, pigtails, pre-terminated cable, splitters, OADM, WDM, CWDM, DWDM or combinations of this.  

There are also modules for storage of excess fibre so one or more storage units may be placed among the other modules.  

Capacity module:   24 LC-connectors

Total capacity:             1U/3U frame           72/288 LC-connectors    

Dimensions(HxWxD):  3U frame   133 x 488 (19”) x 240 mm          
                                         1U frame    44 x 488 (19”) x 240 mm      

Weight panel wo/modules:  3U frame    ca. 2.4 kg              
                                                     1U frame     ca. 1.5 kg            

Fibre type/Cable:   The FPM series are offered with several types of cable/fibre  

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