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Add / Drop node, Fiber optic patch pane 1U, 1451 nm, SC/PC

SKU: FP65-OADM-1451-SC
excl. VAT

Fiber optic patch panel with a built-in 1451 nm OADM, terminated in SC/PC connectors. Can be mounted in 19 and ETSI cabinet/rack.

OADM for CWDM wavelengths

The patch panel comes with 2 pcs. OADM for two-way communication

  • Add and dropp from the chosen wavelength
  • Independent of protocol and bit speed
  • Insertion loss; 1.2 dB (express and add/drop)
  • Can be mounted in 19" and ETSI cabinet/rack
  • Passive, does not need any power supply


OADM/ODM may be delivered in several types of panels and boxes from Foss.  

The most common are:

  • FPM76-modular panel  
  • FP65-1U panel
  • FPD76- wall box DIN  

May also be delivered in most splice closures.  

They are based on reliable passive technology and are delivered with SC or LC interface with PC or APC polished connectors.   

Add/Drop patch cord
This is a patch cord with an integrated add or drop element. It may be used in both directions, but contains only one branch so it will work either as an add or as a drop. 2 patch cords put together will give add/drop in one direction, 4 patch cords makes up both directions. It is well suited when there is no room for a panel, but it will make it more difficult to track where the signal are running compared to using a panel. It may be delivered with SC or LC connectors.  

Passive multiplexers/de-multiplexers for CWDM or WDM are a reliable and reasonable method for transferring several wavelengths/signals over the same fibre (wavelength multiplexing). In this way you may increase the capacity of existing fibre-cable significantly. Combined with OADM you may add or drop separate wavelengths on the way between the end points. A big advantage of using passive wavelength multiplexing is also that the method is protocol– and bitrate independent.

The OADM/ODM units may be delivered both for WDM (1310) and for CWDM-channels. When adding or dropping CWDM wavelengths (1 or more at the time), use OADM/ODM for CWDM. If a standard 1310 signal (not to be confused with a 1311 CWDM signal) is to be added/dropped you need extra bandwidth and the OADM/ODM for WDM (with wideband 1310) must be used.  

Also OADM/ODM units for DWDM-wavelengths may be delivered on request.    


Dimensions (HxWxD):
Panel: 44 x 484 (19”) x 240 mm  
Module: 130 x 35 x 210 mm  

Panel: Ca. 2 kg,          depending on equipment  
Module: 0,2 - 0,5 kg    depending on equipment

Operating temperature:  -40 °C to 85 °C

OADM for WDM (1310):
Insertion loss express (Line Rx->Tx)*: < 2.3 dB
Insertion loss add/drop*:  < 1.3 dB

ODM for WDM (1310):
Insertion loss express (Line Rx->Tx)*: < 1.4 dB
Insertion loss add/drop*:  < 1.3 dB  

Express wavelength (OADM/ODM w/WDM): 1460-1620 nm
Centre wavelength (OADM/ODM w/WDM): 1310 nm (+/-50 nm)  

OADM w/ N CWDM-channels:
Insertion loss express (Line Rx->Tx)*:
< 0,5 db + 2N x 0,5 dB  
< 1,5 dB for N=1  
< 4,5 dB for N=4

Insertion loss add/drop*:  
< 1,2 dB + (N-1) x 0,5 dB  
< 1,2 dB for N=1  
< 2,7 dB for N=4

ODM w/ N CWDM-channels:
Insertion loss express (Line Rx->Tx)*:
< 0,5 db + N x 0,5 dB    
< 1,0 dB for N=1  
< 2,5 dB for N=4

Insertion loss add/drop*:  
< 1,2 dB + (N-1) x 0,5 dB  
< 1,0 dB for N=1  
< 2,7 dB for N=4

Add/Drop patch cord:
Insertion loss express (com->R)*: < 1.0 dB
Insertion loss add/drop*:  < 1.2 dB  

Express wavelength (OADM/ODM w/CWDM): 1260-1620 nm - except the centre wavelength(s)
Centre wavelength (OADM/ODM w/CWDM):  
1271, 1291, 1311, 1331, 1351, 1371, 1391, 1411, 1431, 1451,    1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591 and/or 1611 nm    (+/-6.5 nm)

* Insertion loss in 1 panel (included connectors) 

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