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Wall box DIN, 24 SC, 50/OM4, AXAI

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A flexible distribution panel for fiber optics, suitable for DIN rail mounting or directly on the wall. It is hinged at the top to make it easy to work inside.

Variant Product Number Length Stock Price
Variant: Fiber optic Distribution box, 10m pre-terminated AXAI cable, 24 SC adapters, 50/OM4 Nummer: FPD76-24SCOM4-010 Length 10 m
Variant: Fiber optic Distribution box, 20m pre-terminated AXAI cable, 24 SC adapters, 50/OM4 Nummer: FPD76-24SCOM4-020 Length 20 m
Variant: Fiber optic Distribution box, 30m pre-terminated AXAI cable, 24 SC adapters, 50/OM4 Nummer: FPD76-24SCOM4-030 Length 30 m

A flexible panel suited for DIN-rail mounting. The panel is modular and may be delivered in variable sizes. The base unit has room for up to 24 LC-connectors or 12 SC– or ST-connectors. The add-on unit has room for the same amount of connectors. The extending with an extra unit is done by removing the lid from the base unit and attach the add-on unit instead. The lid is then put on the add-on unit. In this way we may deliver panels with 48, 72, 96 or more connectors by increasing the total with of the panel.  

The base unit also has a mounting board for attaching components. This may be taken out of the panel to simplify assembly. The unit has two round cable entrances in the bottom. 1 M20 cable gland is included for one of the entrances, the other entrance is covered with a membrane gland. If needed extra gland/strain relief for the other entrance may be ordered (see accessories). There is an opening between the units to enable the fibre form the cable to be distributed between the units.  

Both the units and the lid is hinged at the top to make it easy to work inside all units without taking everything apart. This also helps avoiding damage to the fibre because the units are opened and closed in a controlled way. The hinges are snap-locks, this enables the units to be fully disconnected without the use of any tools. The adapter plate may also be removed by loosening similar snap-locks.  

  • DIN-rail mount or directly on wall.
  • Simple access inside panel.
  • May be extended with add-on units.
  • Each unit may handle up to 24 connectors.
  • Adapters for ST, SC and LC may be delivered. 


Material:  Aluminium White paint, RAL9010

Cable entrances:  2 stk. 1 gland is included (M20)  See accessories (500274) for extra gland

Mounting options:

  • DIN-rail in the back,
  • DIN-rail on the side, screw on wall (side) Side mount requires "Wall bracket"    - see accessories.

Capacity per unit:  24 (LC), 12 (SC, ST)  

Dimensions per unit:  

  • 57 x 180 x 160 mm (B x H x D) Included adapters and DIN-rail clip  
  • 77 x 180 x 153 mm (B x H x D) When using "Wall bracket"

Weight per unit:  0.5 kg  

The DIN panel may be delivered with adapters, pigtails or pre-terminated cable type AXAI, QXXI or Micro-cable. AXAI have tight buffer and up to 24 fibre, a panel with 48 fibre will therefore be delivered with 2 cables. The panel may also be delivered with CWDM multiplexer and de-multiplexer. Two panels (one at each end of the link) will then make a complete system with necessary components for duplex communication. All connectors (both in and out) are at the front. 

The DIN-rail clip is mounted in the back, on the short side. By using a bracket (not included) the panel may be mounted with the long-side towards the wall - either by using the DIN-clip or by screwing it directly to the wall. The same bracket enables you to place the panel on a standard flush-mounted wall-box (has C/C 60 mm key holes and opening for cables).   The included plastic DIN-clip may be changed to a metal DIN-clip (not included) if required.

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