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Foss-rack is designed for durability, easy transportation, installation, scaling and management. This multi-purpose rack comprises a lightweight aluminum frame with a variety of accessories for the termination of optical fibres. Foss rack system is affordable with low to none maintanance cost.








Foss FP-series patch panels are made with the highest accuracy for presice fitting and minimum of friction of sliding elements. All panels are tested according to our own quality measures and international standards before they are sent to customers.







The growth in optical fibre communication has led to an increasing number of optical cables in the ODF. To preserve the intrinsic high quality of the optical fibres, a range of accessories are available. Bend limiters to avoid critical bend diameters, horizontal cable guides to lead patch cords the either side of the rack, plastic covers to avoid accidental snagging of connectors and many others.







All Foss patch cords are future proof, extremely precise and of the highest grade. They can be supplied with single mode or multi-mode optical fibers and color coded for easy identification. All patch cords are tested according to our high quality specifications and international standards before they are sent to customers.







Foss supplies xWDM filters in different products, adapted to the
customer’s needs. Either as loose filters, terminated with contacts as
desired, mounted in 19 “panel or in one of our modular solutions.