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In order to give our customers the widest possible range, Foss Fibre Optics delivers both MTP and MPO multi-fibre connectors.

We can supply cables with MTP / MPO connectors at both ends as well as fan-out, modules and 1U panel that provide transition between MTP / MPO and LC or SC connectors.

The modules cover up to 24 fibre, while the 1U panels cover up to 48/96 fibre for transition to respectively. SC / LC. Fan-out is a direct-access cable to LC / SC and is available as 12 or 24-fibre.

MTP and MPO are compatible with each other, but have some differences in structure and MTP has some better attenuation properties than MPO for SM fiber.

For MM fibre we can deliver MTP and MPO with equally good attenuation.

MTP/MPO connectors usually have 12 or 24 fibers in each connector and can be delivered as both single and multimode. MTP/MPO is standardized for use with 40G and 100G multimode fibre traffic, and is also generally used for compact cabling in data halls. MTP/MPO cabling is very fast and easy to install as all cables are pre-set.