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Fuse distribution panel 48Vdc, 2x(2/32A, 1/10A, 2/6A)

SKU: MP209-7
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The fuse distribution panel 48 Vdc 2x(2/32A, 1/10A, 2/6A) distribution for ETSI- and 19"- rack. May be equipped with max 32 A fuses and terminate up to 35 mm2 cables.

Common installation practise for telecom equipment installed in ETSI- or 19"- racks, are that two power buses (A and B) are connected to the top of the rack. Within the rack this is distributed to each panel/sub-rack on separate buses.  

The fuse distribution panel MP209 may be mounted in any type of ETSI- and 19”-rack and gives 48 Vdc distribution for max 32A fuses and up to 35mm2 cables.  

By turning the mounting brackets the panel may be mounted in both ETSI- and 19"- racks. The brackets may also be set in the back of the panel for mounting on a wall or to the back-profiles in deep racks.  

All inn- and outgoing power cables enters from the top through the rubber glands, and are secured with tie-wraps.  

To avoid a mix of fuse elements and terminal blocks, two-pole fuses are used. Only the negative side has an active fuse element, but both sides will break when triggered. A fuse element may be changed without breaking the other fuses. 

Specification Dimensions (H x B x D):  230 x 484 (19”) x 100 mm  May be converted to metric 

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