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MPO Fan-out fiber optic cables 12 x OM3 I/P MPOF - LC, 1.0+1.0 m

SKU: 8-CIRL-10-020
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Fan-out fiber optic cables for indoor use are delivered with 12 or 24 optical fibres. They are used as converters between MPO and LC.


Area of use:  Indoor cabling

Fibre type and cable colour:

  • Single mode ITU-T G.657A1, Yellow  
  • Multimode OM-3, Aqua  
  • Multimode OM-4, Violet

Outer diameter 12/24 fibre cable:  2.0 mm (LC-part), 4.5/5.4 mm (main part

Temperature range: -10 oC to 60 oC at installation and operation

Fire class cable: Cca-s1a, d1, a2 for 12-fibre, Cca-s1a, d1, a1 for 24-fibre 


Single mode G.657.A1       

< 0.5 dB at 1310/1550 nm        < -60dB       12-fibre MPO 
< 0.65 dB at 1310/1550 nm      < -60dB       24 fibre MPO 

< 0.5 dB at 1310/1550 nm        < -50dB        LC/PC    

Multimode OM-3 and OM-4     

< 0.5 dB at 850/1300 nm        MPO  
< 0.5 dB at 850/1300 nm        LC 


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