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4 Port Indoor / Outdoor fiber optic Distribution Box FTTX

SKU: MP469
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Subscriber Distribution box for detached houses. Is normally mounted on the house wall and forms the splicing point between the incoming street cable and the internal cabling carried out with Subscriber cable. Adapter capacity 2 SC SPX or 1 LC DPX. 4 entries for Subscriber cable (for apartments), 4,5 mm

  • Wall box for use outside single family homes and townhouses. The box serves as the separator for indoor and outdoor cabling in the  FTTH-network. 

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Capacity of 4 splices.
  • For 1 cable in and up to 4 cables out.
  • Room for 2 SC-simplex or  2 LC-duplex adapters. 
  • Room for splitter. • Draining hole in the bottom.  
  • Including key (Torx safety pin T30) 


Normally mounted directly on the wall to serve as the splice point between indoor and outdoor cables in the  FTTH-network.
5 cable entrances with membrane sealing. Splicing capacity of 4 fibres. 


Material: Polycarbonate

Colour: Light grey or black

Size: 145x175x43 mm (WxHxD) 

UV: UV-stabilised  

Flame retardant: UL94-V2

Impact resistance: IK7

Ingress protection:  IP43

Temperature range:  -40°C to 70°C 

Cable entrances: 
                      1 max 12 mm          Membrane sealing in the bottom.
                     4 max 4.5 mm        Membrane sealing in the bottom.

Capacity, splicing:  4 single fibres 

Capacity, adapters:  
                     Up to 2 SC simplex or 1 LC duplex                  Limited by max 4 splices/pigtails 
                     Up to 2 SC duplex or 2 LC quad                     Assuming field mounted connectors
Fibre:   G.657 or G.652.D  

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