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2-fibre AXAI, 62.5/OM1, ST-ST

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Pre-terminated break-out fiber optic cable with ST-ST connectors. The AXAI multimode cable is terminated in both ends when delivered, each fibre in the cable is distributed to the ends via a fan-out. Combined in- and outdoor use.

Variant Product Number Length Stock Price
Variant: 2 Fiber Break-out cable AXAI 10m, ST-ST connectors, 62.5/OM1 Nummer: 1-B692114-1-010 Length 10 m
Variant: 2 Fiber Break-out cable AXAI 20m, ST-ST connectors, 62.5/OM1 Nummer: 1-B692114-1-020 Length 20 m
Variant: 2 Fiber Break-out cable AXAI 30m, ST-ST connectors, 62.5/OM1 Nummer: 1-B692114-1-030 Length 30 m
Variant: 2 Fiber Break-out cable AXAI 50m, ST-ST connectors, 62.5/OM1 Nummer: 1-B692114-1-050 Length 50 m

Pre-terminated break-out cable for connecting optical units. The cable is terminated in both ends when delivered.

  • Connector: ST/PC according to IEC 61 754-2
  • Fibre type: Multi-mode 62.5/125 µm according to EN 50173-1 OM1
  • Cable type: AXAI, tight buffer, fire retardant and halogen free, grey
  • Each fibre in the cable is protected with a 3 mm furcation tube at the ends
  • Each fibre in the cable is distributed to the ends via a fan-out
  • The fibres are gradually reduced in length (see data sheet)
  • As an option the cable can be delivered with protection and pull sleeve
  • Indoor use
  • Other lengths are quickly delivered from our production in Drammen. Please contact us

A manifold is attached at the end of the cable to fan out the fibres in a controlled way. Each fibre is individually protected by a 3.0 mm tube. Length of free fibre will be as illustrated below. For cables with more than 2 fibres the length of the 2 or 4 next fibres will increase with 5 cm (+0/-5 cm) for every 2. or 4. fibre.


Cable type:  
Tight buffer, AXAI, yellow               Flame retardant, Zero halogen  

Diameter cable:  
4.5/5/6/6.5/8 mm                           2/4/8/12/24-fibre AXAI  

Tension strength cable:  
325/440/680/900/1400 N             2/4/8/12/24-fibre AXAI  

Dimensions manifold (fan-out):
Ø 14 mm x 36 mm               2-fibre  
Ø 20 mm x 75 mm              4-fibre  
Ø 17 mm x 105 mm              8-fibre  
Ø 35 mm x 165 mm             12/24-fibre

Diameter protection w/cable grip:
32 mm                                   2/4/8-fibre  
52 mm                                   12/24-fibre  

Diameter detachable protection:
49 mm (accessory 990443 - tube: Ø28 mm)                 2/4/8-fibre  
63 mm (accessory 990145 - tube: Ø42 mm)                  12/24-fibre  

Fibre type:  
ITU-T G.657.A1 (compatible with G.652.D)       AXAI  

Insertion loss connectors:  
< 0.5 dB @ 1310/1550 nm                                      < 0.15 dB typical

Return loss connectors:  
< -45 dB @ 1310/1550 nm for PC                         < -50 dB typical  
< -60 dB @1310/1550 nm for APC                       < -65 dB typical

Classification, connectors:
Class C2 (PC), class C1 (APC)                              IEC 61755-1

Operating temperature:  
-40°C to 60°C  

As an option the connector side of the cable may be protected with a flexible tube. There are 2 types:  

  • Protection cable-end (with or without pulling grip): This is made from a flexible tube and is meant as transport/pulling protection before and during installation and is completely removed after use. Outside this tube an optional cable pulling grip may be placed if the cable shall be pulled through tubes. 
  • Protection cable-end, detachable: Here the protection may be taken of and put back on again, it is therefore suited when the cable will be moved several times. The disadvantage may be that the protection attachment can not be removed from the cable.  

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