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12-fibre AXXI, SM, E2000/PC-E2000/PC

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Pre-terminated break-out fiber optic cable with E2000/PC-E2000/PC connectors. The AXXI single mode cable is terminated in both ends when delivered, each fibre in the cable is distributed to the ends via a fan-out.

Variant Product Number Length Stock Price
Variant: 12 Fiber Break-out cable AXXI 10m, E2000/PC-E2000/PC connectors, SM Nummer: F-B695750-F-010 Length 10 m
Variant: 12 Fiber Break-out cable AXXI 20m, E2000/PC-E2000/PC connectors, 9/OS2 Nummer: F-B695750-F-020 Length 20 m
Variant: 12 Fiber Break-out cable AXXI 30m, E2000/PC-E2000/PC connectors, 9/OS2 Nummer: F-B695750-F-030 Length 30 m
Variant: 12 Fiber Break-out cable AXXI 50m, E2000/PC-E2000/PC connectors, 9/OS2 Nummer: F-B695750-F-050 Length 50 m
  • May be delivered with most connector types.
  • PC‐ or APC‐polished connectors.
  • 2-, 4-, 8-, 12– or 24-fibre cable with tight buffer.  
  • Delivered in customer specified lengths. 

A manifold is attached at the end of the cable to fan out the fibres in a controlled way. Each fibre is individually protected by a 3.0 mm tube.


Cable type:  
Tight buffer, AXXI, black                   Flame retardant, Zero halogen

Diameter cable:  
9.6/9.6/9.9/10.8 mm  4/8/12/24-fibre AXXI

Tension strength cable:  
800 N                  AXXI

Dimensions manifold (fan-out):
Ø 14 mm x 36 mm                           2-fibre  
Ø 20 mm x 75 mm                          4-fibre  
Ø 17 mm x 105 mm                          8-fibre  
Ø 35 mm x 165 mm                        12/24-fibre

Diameter protection w/cable grip:
32 mm                        2/4/8-fibre  
52 mm                        12/24-fibre  

Diameter detachable protection:
49 mm (accessory 990443 - tube: Ø28 mm)          2/4/8-fibre  
63 mm (accessory 990145 - tube: Ø42 mm)           12/24-fibre  

Fibre type:  
ITU-T G.652.D          AXXI  
OS-2                         EN 50173-1

Insertion loss connectors:  
< 0.5 dB @ 1310/1550 nm              < 0.15 dB typical

Return loss connectors:  
< -45 dB @ 1310/1550 nm for PC           < -50 dB typical  
< -60 dB @1310/1550 nm for APC         < -65 dB typical

Classification, connectors:
Class C2 (PC), class C1 (APC)              IEC 61755-1

Operating temperature:  
-40°C to 60°C   

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