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Toolbox, UniCam High Performance

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UniCam SC, LC and ST connectors are well suited for cabling in offices, industry, ships and offshore. The tool set UniCam High Performance contains all materials that is necessary for quick and secure termination.

  • Assembly time < 1 minute
  • No gluing
  • No polishing
  • SC, LC, ST
  • 50/125 (OM-3/OM-4), 50/125 (OM-2), 62.5/125 (OM-1), 9/125 (OS-2)
  • Integrated test function (pass/fail)

A UniCam connector is really a mechanical splice. The connector has a preinstalled fibre stub where the end plate is pre-polished in the factory. Fibre from cable is cut with a fibre cleaver and is pulled into the connector from the back until it hits the connectors fibre. A locking mechanism ensures that it is kept in this position.

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