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Toolbox, CamSplice, w/cleaver

SKU: TKT-100-02
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CamSplice mechanical splices are delivered by Corning, one of the world’s leading companies within fibre optic technology. The tool set contains all tools that are necessary for mounting CamSplice mechanical splices.
  • Simple assembly
  • No gluing is necessary
  • Fits 250 to 250 µm, 250 to 900 µm and 900 to 900 µm
  • Multimode and single mode
  • Ideal for using when testing unterminated fibres
  • Can be used several times
CamSplice is a mechanical splice with self-centering alignment of the fibres. The fibres are locked in position after centering by turning a comb. Each side can be locked independently of each other and the splice can therefore be used both as a permanent splice or temporarily during for example OTDR testing.

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