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Cable management frame, midi

SKU: 402571
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Cable management frame for access points

The cable management frame is primarily used in access points in FTTH networks. It is mounted to wooden poles using the included screws. The frame consists of a main part where the closure is fastened with a strap (included) and a pole part that is mounted to the pole. The main part may rotate on the pole part witch is practical when winding up the cable.  

  • Cable management when splicing
  • For pole mounting in residential areas
  • Fixed with the delivered wooden screws
  • Integrated straps for splice closures
  • Cables are taken up by rotating the frame
  • Key holes for simple wall mounting
  • For splice closures type FOSC-400A8, FIST-GCO2-F


Material: Aluminium, painted black

Dimensions (WxHxD): 450 x 500 x 240 mm  

Diameter of coil:  330 mm Weight: 1,6 kg

Suitable for closure:  OFDC-B8, OFDC-C12, FIST-GCO2-Fx and FOSC-400A-series

Adjustable Fiber Optic Cable Slack Storage

Adjustable cable management frame suitable for both small and large closures. The slim profile minimizes visibility.  


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