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Street cabinet KT400 with swing frame and BUDI-2S

SKU: FG70500-2S

Fiber Splice machines are used for fiber work, and there will be a need for a work table. KTV400 solves this in two ways:
Either you can use the cabinet door as a work table, or you can remove the entire swivel frame / mounting plate and bring the splice box to the work car. This ensures that the work can be performed with high quality even in difficult working conditions

CommScope BUDI-2S is delivered integrated in this street cabinet

The cabinet offers:

  • Swivel and removable mounting plate for easy access to the splicebox during installation and maintenance
  • The mounting plate can be locked in the fully open and fully closed position, opening / closing is done with one hand
  • The mounting plate has press nuts for attachment of BUDI-2S, BUDI-1S, Tenio or GCO2-F spliceboxes as well as a general hole pattern for attachment of other equipment
  • Integrated coiling frame in the cabinet, separate coiling of supply and drip cables
  • The cabinet door can be used as a work table
  • Strip fasteners for a large number of pipes at the bottom of the cabinet
  • Valves to avoid condensation. These are protected against penetrating rain and water splashes
  • Retractable base for casting or bolt attachment
  • Size (HxWxD): 1200x400x300 mm


The BUDI-2S solution contains the following:

  • Enclosure class IP55
  • UV-stabilized materials
  • Shockproof design
  • Joining fiber to fiber
  • Standard SOSA extension cassettes
  • 2 SE cassettes included (24 splices)
  • 1x10 mm + 12x5 mm cable inputs
  • 12x3 mm and 4x7 mm cable inputs as additional accessories
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 285x155x60 mm
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