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4-fiber HAN Bulkhead HPR - SC/PC, AXAI, 9/OS2, 1m

SKU: HKH4-4x60019448-7-001
excl. VAT

Industrial fiber optic connector for harsh environmental requirements with 4-fiber HAN Bulkhead HPR - SC/PC, 1 m AXAI cable

  • 2 lever locking system.
  • 1 - 24 fibres in each connector.
  • Single mode or multi mode.
  • Cable delivered in customer specified lengths.
  • For temporary and permanent connections.


The Harting - HAN connector may be delivered in 3 basic forms:

  • Plug hood - for mounting directly on a cable
  • Surface mount housing - for mounting to a wall with 2 side entries for cable.
  • Bulkhead housing - for mounting in a panel

All 3 comes in a 12 or 24 fibre version and may be fitted with 1 to 12/24 fibres as needed. 

The HAN plug connector and the surface mount connector includes a protective cover and may be ordered with a specified length of cable.
You may have the HAN connector in one or both ends. If HAN is used only in one end the other end may be ordered with a specified length of
break-out cable fitted with standard connectors (SC, LC, etc.).

The HAN bulkhead connector also includes a protective cover. This connector is typically ordered with patch cords with standard connectors
(SC, LC, etc.) in the other end.

The bulkhead and the surface mount connector has an embedded adapter, making this the "female" part when connecting to the "male" plug


The HAN hood/housing comes in 3 qualities:

  • Standard hoods/housings: for demanding environments, for example, in the automobile and mechanical engineering industries alsofor process and regulation control applications
  • M-series hoods/housings: for harsh environmental requirements, for all applications where aggressive environmental conditions andharsh climatic atmospheres are encountered
  • HPR-series hoods/housings: pressure tight, for external interconnections in vehicles, in highly demanding environments and wetareas, as well as for sensitive interconnections that have to be shielded

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