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Splice closure, OPGW, 2xØ24, 48 fibre

SKU: 11120212

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The splice closure is made of stainless, acid resistant steel and is used when splicing OPGW (Optical Ground Wire). The closure consists of a bottom with cable entrances and splice trays as well as a lid. The lid can be bought in several different sizes in order to increase the capacity (the number of trays).
  • Outdoor use
  • Casing class IP68
  • Capacity: 48 splices, 250 µm towards 250 µm (may be extended to 96)
  • 24 splices in every tray
  • 2 trays are included  
  • 2xØ24 mm cable entrance ports + 1 blind plug are included in the delivery
Dimensions: 140xØ270 mm (50 mm lid)

The splice closure is normally mounted in a cable management cross for OPGW.