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Our company, Foss Fiber Optics s.r.o.,
is a supplier of splice-on connectors


Foss Fiber Optics s.r.o, as a long-term supplier of Splice-on connectors for Slovak Telekom. a.s., provides training and special holders for fiber optic splicers.

We produce holders for pre-assembled ferrule of SOC connector, made by 3D printing technology in our production facility in Bratislava.

The key advantage of splice-on connectors solution is that there is no need for polishing of the ferrule in the field. In principle, it is a technology of splicing micro-pigtails, where the length of the fiber exceeding from the ferrule is only 5 mm.

The SOC connector from Seikoh Giken can be spliced by any splice machine, which allows you to splice fibers 5 mm long. All you need to do is to have the correct holder to insert into the splice machine.

The new Seikoh Giken SLCS-PN1AV2-OPT SOC connector provides several improvements.




  • Reduced number of parts in comparison to the previous model
  • Shorter connector length after assembly



  • Simplified assembling
  • Special ferrule guidance system

In case of questions, training or the need to purchase holders for your splice machine, please contact our sales department :

DATASHEET: Seikoh Giken LC/APC Splice On Connector