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Microscope, 400X, 2.5 mm

SKU: FM-C400

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A quality microscope for inspecting optical connectors. The microscope uses coaxial lightning (perpendicular) of the object for maximum richness of detail. Et embedded laser filter mutes the most common wavelengths that are used within fibre optical communication. The microscope is delivered with a 2.5 mm universal adapter (fits for example ST, SC, FC).
  • LED light source with more than 100.000 timers lifespan
  • Coaxial lightning for maximization of details that the user can see
  • Embedded laser filter
  • 400X magnification
  • Universal adapter for 2.5 mm PC polished connectors are included (FMA-U25)
  • For other adapters see FMA adapters under Microscope adapters