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Visual fault locator, 850/1300/1310/1550, OLS-36

SKU: 2303-21

Combined multi-mode/single mode light source from Viavi.

  • LED/LD
  • Multi-mode Dual-lambda 850/1300 nm
  • Single mode Dual-lambda 1310/1550 nm
  • Two ports (one for 850/1300 and one for 1310/1550 nm)
  • Replaceable adapter
  • One optional adapter (for each port) is included in the price. delivered with SC adapter unless otherwise is specified
  • Auto-Lambda function (power meter can detect which wavelength is transmitted) *
  • TWINtest (automatic testing of 850/1300 nm or 1310/1550 nm) *
  • Is delivered with belt bag
  • 30x80x150 mm, 200 g

* When used together with power meters from Viavi.

The light source is included in the test set OMK-36 (2127/04).