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The street cabinet is a sturdy and flexible cabinet specially desined by Foss for use in fibre optical installations and are meant for outdoor installation and have ventilation in side, front and back for natural venting. The cabinets are delivered with a base for burial installation or for mounting to a foundation. Alternatively the cabinet may be mounted to a wall or other standard cabinets.

The cabinet includes a detachable swing frame (180 degrees) in galvanized steel for easy access to splice closure for
installation and maintenance. The mounting frame may be locked in open and closed position, it may also be removed so that the work may be done in a tent or in the truck. When working in the cabinet the door may be use as a working table by pushing it into a slot in the cabinet.

The mounting frame has threaded holes for quick and secure installation of the boxes BUDI-2S, BUDI-1S, Tenio and
GCO2-F. In addition there is a general hole pattern for mounting other equipment. Double coiling brackets are integrated in the cabinet. This enables separate coiling of incoming- and drop cables. There are knock-out openings in the side wall of the cabinet that are suitable for screwing into other cabinets and press nuts for snow markers. A fixing bar for tubes is integrated in the bottom of the cabinet.

The door have a triangular lock. May easily be changed to other locks if needed. 

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